Badgerys Creek Airport proposal – April 2014 update


One of the big news stories of today was confirmation from Prime Minister Tony Abbott of the second airport being located at Badgerys Creek. The decision was approved by cabinet today after many months of speculation, and many decades of discussion of the actual location of the second airport.

Tony Abbott advised that the planning and design work will start immediately, with construction starting in 2016. He ‘realistically’ believes that the first flight out of the airport won’t be until 2020.

In making the announcement, Mr Abbott was particular on the jobs and infrastructure that will come about from the massive project, saying the Government is taking a “roads first, airport second” approach. As Western Sydney residents already know, there is pretty much no infrastructure at all currently to support a second airport. I think this will be a bigger project than the airport itself, and needs to be done right.

Mr Abbott said the bulk of the investment for the Badgerys Creek Airport  would come from the private sector, with government to take the lead on building surrounding infrastructure, including roads. The cost of building the airport is estimated at $2.5 billion, and the prime minister says that there will be 4000 construction jobs at it’s peak.

One of the big discussion points will be whether the airport will operate 24 hours or have a curfew imposed. Tony Abbott at the moment, has not committed either way.

The Prime Minister said he believes the “noise issue” will not be as significant compared to Mascot airport.”First, because, quite frankly, people don’t want to travel in the middle of the night. And second because we are just dealing with far, far fewer people,” he said. Mr Abbott added that 4,000 people live in the “noise footprint” for Badgerys Creek compared with 130,000 impacted by Mascot flight noise.

What will this all mean for residents in and around Mount Annan, Currans Hill and Narellan? No doubt there will be a lot in the media during the coming months, but also check out our update from last month that showed the proposed flight paths and other information.

What do you think of the second airport at Badgerys Creek? Please leave a comment below?

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    Camden bike track bridge nearing completion

    It’s not far off now, but the Camden bike track bridge linking Elderslie and Camden across the Nepean River is starting to take shape and hopefully will open in the next few months.

    The Little Sandy Bridge at Elderslie is starting to take shape now as the photos (taken at the end of March) below show.

    The old wooden bridge, which was severely damaged by floodwaters in March 2012, had been fenced off for many months, and affected the popular walking/cycling path between Elderslie and Camden.

    The bridge is being built with a $125,000 grant from the NSW government and $515,000 from Camden Council, including $200,000 from the capital works reserve.

    Rather than building another wooden bridge, the council has opted to build a concrete one, which should hopefully withstand the next big flood to come down the Nepean River.




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      Camden Show


      The Camden show is on the following dates this year:

      Friday 4th & Saturday 5th April 2014

      The main showground in Argyle Streeis transformed from just any old country showground (shown below) into a hive of activity.


      New for 2014:

      In conjunction with Camden RSL Sub Branch a Military Tattoo Friday in the Main Arena,
      Sheep Shearing Exhibitions
      Annual highlights include:

      Livestock Competitions
      Show Jumping
      The New ‘Lumberjack Spectacular’
      A Kids Interactive Tent – where kids can learn all about growing their own food, recycling and protecting the environment
      Exhibitions – Craft, Produce, Baking, Photography & more
      Style and Lifestyle Pavilions
      Rides & Amusements
      Saturday Night Show
      The Grand Parade & Friday Street Parade.
      Where: Camden Showground, Argyle Street, Camden, NSW

      When: Gates are open from 8am-11pm, Friday 4 and Saturday 5 April.

      Pricing is as follows:


      Please visit the Camden show official website for the latest, up to date information.

      The Full schedule of events can be found here on the official website.

      The main entrance to the Camden showground area is right near the roundabout at the intersection of Cawdor Rd and Argyle St (see map below)

      See the map of attractions and where they are here!

      20th & 21st March 2015
      11th & 12th March 2016

      Information source:

      Check out some great pictures from this year’s show here!

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        Narellan Road upgrade – March 2014 status

        Further to our post last year listing the proposed changes for the Narellan Road upgrade, The RMS have released a graphic with all the proposed changes.

        The first was the install an extra lane for the southbound off ramp. I think all users of the road will agree that this has not made one iota of difference to the daily traffic queues waiting to get off the hume highway. I personally do not waiting for a short time in traffic, but many days I find myself waiting to get slammed in the rear by a car driven by someone who can’t be bothered queueing up like everyone else. Every day I see near misses and it isonly a matter of time before a another tragedy occurs there.

        As you can see from the graphic below, stage A involves changes to the east of the hume highway, the most notable being the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of the off ramp and Narellan Road.


        Stage B’s highlights  include the widening of Narellan Road (Eastbound) to be 4 lanes. As reported last year, there are also lights due tobe installed at Kenny Hill. Why that is I’m still trying to understand. If you know why, please leave a comment below.


        For the full map, please visit the RMS site here. The RMS page for the all the details of the upgrade project can be found HERE.  It look as if the project is still in the design phase with no dates listed for when the work will be started. Interestingly, the submissions report only received 44 responses from the community and stakeholders. I think it’s important for everyone to voice their opinions – after all we use the road each and everyday.

        As any other news on the upgrade project come to light, we will post here accordingly.

         picture source:

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          Badgerys Creek Airport Info – March 2014

          Badgerys Creek Airport Road sign

          What is happening with the decision of Sydney’s second airport at Badgerys Creek? That seems to be what everyone in the Macarthur area is wondering lately.

          Every few days you see something in the media, with supposedly a decision being made soon. Don’t forget this has been going on for about 30 years, but seemed to be in the final stages of the decision back in November last year when Tony Abbott indicated that the site would be good for Sydney’s 2nd airport (see this story). Funnily enough, it already has it’s own international airport code (SWZ) and is called Sydney West Airport – if all that sticks given a green light I’m not really sure.

          I think in some respects the airport may be good for Western Sydney but the infrastructure in the surrounding areas has to be upgraded substantially. The current state of the road and rail network is not even close to what it needs to be if an airport was to be built at Badgerys Creek.

          How much will it affect people in the Narellan and and Mount Annan areas? It largely depends on the flight paths and thus the placement of the airport runways at Badgery’s Creek. There are currently 3 options for the runways, shown below (sorry for the poor size).

          badgerys creek flight paths

          The best option for a flight path at Badgery’s Creek which would probably not affect residents in the Macarthur area is runway option A. See graphic below (source: for affected areas if Option A was adopted:

          badgerys creek option a flight path

          Option B would possibly bring aircraft noise to the local area, as would option C. It has been written in the media that parts of Camden and St Clair would be affected by some flight noise if Option C was adopted.

          On the in the environmental front, apparently due process has written off the site as inappropriate for a 2nd airport because of air quality, noise pollution, risks to our water supply and ecological sustainability.

          Locals of the area would be well aware that Badgerys Creek suffers from fog, which is an operational nightmare for any airport.

          Where the airport would exactly be located can be shown in the aerial pic below (source: To the left of the pic (out of view) would be be Elizabeth Drive running from top to bottom.

          badgerys creek  aerial

          Shown below is what the area currently looks like, with these photos taken earlier this week from Badgery’s Creek Road, looking West. I had to add the rickety sign from the local park, as I’m not sure how much longer it will remain up.

          badgerys creek march 2014 02


          badgerys creek march 2014 03

          badgerys creek park sign march 2014



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