Monopoly Camden Edition

UPDATE – All 2000 copies of the game have been sold!


Residents have the unique opportunity to vote for what businesses they want to see on a new edition of Monopoly due to be released – Camden.

We will all have a choice of close to 60 locations, including:
• Alan Baker Art Gallery;
• Belgenny Farm, Camden;
• Camden Town Centre;
• Camden Town Farm;
• Cobbitty Markets;
• Curry Reserve Water Play Space;
• Gledswood Homestead;
• Harrington Park Homestead;
• Hilltop Park, Emerald Hills;
• John Oxley Cottage;
• Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living;
• Mater Dei Chapel, Cobbitty;
• Sedgwick Reserve Youth Play Space; and
• The Australian Botanic Garden

Also there will be an ‘other’ option, to nominate a business that isn’t listed.

This special edition is due to be ready in time for Christmas at a cost of $60, and will be available locally.

Visit to make your vote before 5pm, June 21.

For more info, read this press release from Camden council.

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