Western Sydney Airport Flight Path

(Last updated 13th July 2023 )

The federal government today released the preliminary flight path information for the new airport at Badgerys Creek, which is due to open in 2026.

Homes around Luddenham, Twin Creeks and Greendale look to be where the most effect from the planes will be.

As with most airports, depending on wind conditions will dictate which of the runways and from which direction  the planes will take off and land from.

There is a aircraft overflight noise online tool for checking where the noise will be heard from and what levels. You can either zoom in/out of the map or put your own address in.

Detailed information and fact sheets can be found at the government website also.

Information and feedback sessions are coming up per the dates below:

Community information and feedback session – Horsley Park

Community information and feedback session – Blacktown

Community information and feedback session – Penrith

Community information and feedback session – Liverpool

Community information and feedback session – Picton

Community information and feedback session – St Marys


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There has been much discussion over the years on the proposed flight paths and whether the noise from the new airport will affect the area around Mount Annan, Camden and Narellan (to name but a few of the nearby suburbs).

Many possible (but I’m not sure how plausible ) have been seen and all with good information, but now with the official government website now live, there is now some more graphics on the possible flight paths. I should add that they are still ‘proof of concept’ and not the definitive flight paths for the new airport (although they certainly could be).

This first graphic is Indicative flight paths for aircraft operations in the 23 direction (landing from the north-east, departing to the south-west)

Note: runways always are numbered 1 to 36, and this number is the compass bearing to the nearest 10 degrees (with the last digit removed if it’s a three digit number). The opposite end of the runway always differs by 180 degrees, so it’s numbered 18 higher or lower.

The second graphic is the indicative flight paths for aircraft operations in the 05 direction (landing from the south-west, departing to the north-east).

.As you can see the indicative paths avoid the overhead area directly, but the other thing to take into consideration is the height near where they do. Nearby Camden the height is shown as 5000ft. Would you hear the planes? A google search tells me: A height of 5,000 ft is considered to be the minimum acceptable altitude for the avoidance of significant noise impact on residential populations by jet aircraft. (For reference, the noise at ground level from a climbing B747 at 5,000 ft is about 75 dB(A)s maximum).
It will be interesting to see what the final flight paths will be as we get closer to the proposed operation of the new airport at Badgerys Creek (at this stage to be 2030).
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