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Mount Annan Marketplace Carpark Changes

Yes! There are changes underway to modify the carpark at Mount Annan Marketplace. You would have seen the work that has already started, and the gossip on social media channels. Read on to see what is happening.

I’ve been a bit slow to post here lately, but have done some research recently to find out what exactly is happening at the largest shopping centre at Mount Annan, and iy will be a better experience for all once completed.

One of the first changes is to the entrances to the carpark, and ‘rumours’ on Facebook suggest that boom gates are going in. That is actually true, with numberplate recognition installed as well to eliminate getting tickets etc.  The boom gate install may/may not be related to the new housing next door and the extra traffic and parking required by residents – it’s anyone’s guess.

As you can see in the pic below, the entrance near KFC is currently closed with 3 lanes currently being built (2 in, 1 out).

carpark changes

The welcome addition to the car park  will be the installation of shade sails over most (according to the DA that I looked at) of the car park spaces – great to have some shade when parked. If you have been to Minto Marketpace and also Macarthur Square, they are great to park under (especially in summer!). On the subject of spaces, it is interesting to note that with all the changes there will be only a 17 spot reduction of car parking spaces from what is there now (406 to 389).

The other large change to the car park will be the construction of a Guzman y Gomez store also  – this will be located in the existing car park  – closet to Hungry Jacks is probably the best way to describe the position.

There will be other ‘minor’ changes to the layout of the carpark (kerbs etc) looking at the DA.

Time for completion – umm not sure unless I have missed it ont he Camden council website (please leave a comment below if you know, but the DA has been approved – hence why the works have started.

For more info, here is the link to the development application. From there, the DA with a nice pretty CAD drawing of the layout can be found here (it is quite a detailed diagram so give it time to open).

What are your thoughts on the changes? Long time coming or just a waste of time. I personally believe that it will be great and make the whole marketplace a better place to shop. Leave a comment below!


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    • M Brown
    • December 9, 2023

    There are 16 mobility spaces in the existing layout and appear to be just 8 in the proposed car park which is half. What is the council’s explanation for this downsizing?

    • admin
    • December 9, 2023

    Good question!

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