Torrential Rain Hits The Macarthur Region Causing Localised Flooding

lightning narellan vale 21st november
Some wild weather has hit the local area over the last 24-36 hours.

From storms yesterday evening with spectacular lightning (see above photo) to torrential rain this afternoon, it’s fair to say the lawns and gardens around the Macarthur region got a decent watering.

I must admit that we needed the rain given the very warm and dry conditions over the last few weeks, but it would of been better to see the rain spread out a bit more and without the ferocity that it was delivered.

Camden airport recorded 44.6mm of rain between 9am and 4.30pn today, with 14mm of it after 3pm.

Typically the rain fell when school got out today which caused mayhem for parents trying to get their kids home safely.

Below are a couple of pics taken Melaleuca Reserve this afternoon which is the bike/walking path that is located between the two schools that heads down towards Narellan Gardens. As you can see it was substantially flooded (google maps below for the location):


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(apologies for the picture quality – they were stills shots taken from a smartphone video)

narellan vale flood 22112013


narellan vale stormwater

If you have any pictures that you would like to share, please send me a message via the contact page.

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